A Turtle Attacked A Cat In The Cutest Way Possible – BONUS: ‘Move Bitch Get Out The Way’ Remix

People like to collect animals and have them in their house like they’re recreating some lame version of Noah’s Ark. They think that because they adopted all of these random species that the animals will just coexist in harmony. Newsflash people, animals don’t generally like one another in the wild, so the chances of you creating a happy multi-species utopia in your home is slim.

This family appears to have a cat, a dog and a turtle. The cat and dog seem to co-inhabit the house just fine, but the turtle has a real grudge against the feline. Maybe the cat ate his lettuce or slept in his little turtle bed. Whatever caused this strife has made the turtle very angry. The turtle attempts to attack the cat with a barrage of headbutts. Problem is that he’s a fucking turtle and he can’t really get a running start to propel him into the cat to do any sort of damage. The cat, who’s name is Fred, calmly sits there as the turtle besieges him.

The turtle is stupid for going on the offensive when he’s just a slow turtle with no real weapons. Do you turtle; walk slow and hide in your armored shell if anyone fucks with you, don’t go picking fights that you can’t win.

The cat is stupid because all it had to do was go into the next room over. You won’t be attacked for at least a month until the turtle waddles over there.

If two minutes of a turtle assaulting a cat wasn’t entertaining enough for you, here’s the remix with the Ludacris old school hip hop anthem “Move Bitch (Get Out The Way)” as the soundtrack.


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