I Can’t Stop Watching These Two Bears Fight Over A Salmon Dinner

by 3 years ago


Bear fight! Bear fight! It’s kind of amazing how hunger is so closely linked to irritability and emotions for us mammals. We’ve all had our hangry moments. The low blood sugar kicks in and all you feel is primitive rage over some sort of dumb minutiae. Then you eat a ham and cheese Hot Pocket and you’re cool as a cucumber. When you’re an 800+ pound grizzly bear who needs to throw down 30,000 calories a day before a winter nap, those emotions must be 20-fold. These two bears went in on each other while fishing. It’s maybe the most perfect Vine video ever posted.

Bear fighting rules. Especially have to love that they make up at the end. Hug it out after things get tense — that’s what true Bros do.




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