These Two Best Friends Have Shotgunned A Beer Together Every Day For 1000 Days In A Row

Shotgunning beers is one of the most time-honored ritual for Bros around the world. Like a handshake or a fist-pound, two Bros shotgunning a beer together is how we Bros bond as people. It’s a gesture of friendship, of brotherhood. It signifies likeminded chillness. Popping tops and chugging out of a handmade hole in the bottom of a beer can is how you know that your fellow Bro is indeed your fellow Bro.

This is the story of Dimitri and Joe, two best friends from college who made a pledge to shotgun a beer together every day “for the rest of their lives.” They’re quickly approaching Day 1000, which they will celebrate with all their friends from around the country with a massive party in Chicago.

Here’s the story of two best friends who have shotgunned a beer together everyday for almost three years in a row, in Dimitri’s own words:

Basically, back on March 10, 2014, Joe and I were both seniors in college at the University of Dayton. For no reason at all, we decided to shotgun a beer together every day that week leading up to St. Patrick’s day. Once St. Patrick’s Day arrived, we decided that we would continue the streak with no specific end day in mind. Shortly after we decided we would continue the streak for the rest of our life.

Here we are now, 980 days later, and we still have not missed a single day. We have shotgunned a beer together either in person, or through Facetime, for 980 days straight. Joe lives in the suburbs of Detroit and I live in Chicago, so the good majority of these have been through Facetime, but I would estimate we have done a solid 100 in person.


As you can imagine, we have faced quite a few obstacles throughout our journey. The most difficult part is is probably the coordination of schedules and finding a shotgunnable beer. We both work full time and obviously have plenty of other things going on in our lives. To find a time in our schedules every single day, and then to find a shotgunnable beer, is not always easy.

A few other obstacles we have faced along the way:

  • Dimitri vacationing in Greece for 2 weeks
  • Joe working in Hawaii for 2 weeks
  • Joe staying overnight and having to shotgun in the emergency room in Louisville where he was traveling for work (…our buddy drove from 30 minutes away and snuck him a beer in the ER when the doctors weren’t looking)
  • The Sunday Scaries, every single Sunday

We are now approaching our most significant milestone of all: Our 1000th day in a row shotgunning together. Fortunately for us, Day 1000 happened to fall on SATURDAY, December 3, 2016. In honor, we have decided to throw an absolute banger — We rented out the top floor of our favorite bar in Chicago, Hopsmith Tavern, starting at noon that Saturday.

We sent out save the date invites in the mail and created a Facebook event. We’re expecting somewhere around 300 of our friends to be at the party. Friends are coming in from all over the country, including Detroit, Denver, NYC, New Jersey, Philly, South Carolina, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Arizona, and more that I am sure I’m forgetting.

So what happens after the 1000th shotgun? According to Dimitri, it’s definitely not over.

“Unless we die at the Day 1000 Shotgunpalooza, the streak will go on,” he writes BroBible in an e-mail.

“It’s become such a routine thing for us day in and day out, that it would be weird if we DIDN’T shotgun. We have too many aspirations for Day 10,000 in 26-or-so years down the road that we simply can’t stop anytime soon.”