Here’s Two Enraged Men Angrily Dropping The C-Word 70 Times In 8 Minutes

In the United States the c-word is rather taboo and only in the most dire situations is it ever used. We rarely use the c-word, and reserve the use of the toxic word as a last resort; the nuclear bomb of words to call a woman that destroys everything. However in the United Kingdom the word “cunt” is thrown around like it was the word “the.” And the word is not only reserved for women. They’ll call their dishwasher a cunt, they’ll call their mum a cunt, they’ll even call their newborn baby a cunt in the right situation.

In the first video an older British chap appears to have received a parking ticket for his vehicle which was overdue by an hour. Wearing an intimidating “Bench Press 2012” t-shirt the man asks if the meter maid if he gave him the parking ticket, when the meter maid says, “Yes,” the man simply replies, “You’re a cunt. Do you know you’re a cunt?” The irate madman follows that up by threatening the meter maid by proclaiming, “Given half the chance I’d tear your fucking head off, you cunt.” When the meter maid informs the infuriated man that those actions would be assault he eloquently responds by saying, “I’ve done it many times before, it wouldn’t bother me the least, you cunt.” This is where I wish the gentleman a nice day, roll up my window and get the fuck outta Dodge.

In the second video an English gentleman has gotten into an altercation while on the the street. I wouldn’t suggest doing a “cunt” drinking game with this video because during his profanity-laced verbal assault he spews the c-bomb an astounding 57 times. You cunt argue that this man loves the word “cunt.”