Cop Dash Cam Catches Two Meth Heads Exclaiming ‘We’re Going to Have to Be Gay For a Second’ In the Backseat of a Squad Car

These two Oklahoma meth heads have an interesting way of getting rid of an eight ball of meth after getting pulled over in a traffic stop: Swallow it, together, in the back seat of a cop car:

Timothy Povlick was arrested for felony warrants, but in the video a white baggie can be seen in his mouth

Police said he had three eight balls of meth in his mouth. When Lee returned to search the car, the video captured the two guys talking.

What they didn’t realize is Bartlesville police have new dash cams that record audio.

“We’re going to have to be gay for a second,” said one of the men.

According to the video, Bock tells Povlick he doesn’t want him to die by eating all that meth, so the two decide to exchange the drugs.

“It’s nasty bro, I’m telling you,” said one.

“I know – do you want it?” said the other.

“Try suck some of your saliva off of it and I will,” he responded.

That’s when the two kiss.

“They ended up swapping a kiss to exchange the baggies in order to try to keep them concealed so we wouldn’t find them.

After Lee brought them to the jail he went through the video

You guys came so close! You ALMOST did it! Watch:

[H/T: Barstool]


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