The 6 Types of Selfies Every Girl Takes, by The Chainsmokers


There is no doubt that The Chainsmokers hit single, “Selfie,” is the biggest banger of 2014. With 55 million views and counting, the club hit perfectly describes many-a-girl’s ratchet night out “getttttttinnnnng turnt with my beeeetchessssss!!!!”

We had an opportunity to ask Alex Pall and Drew Taggart from The Chainsmokers about the types of selfies girls take. Below, they breakdown the types of selfies girls take when they “can’t even.”

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1. Sugar Daddy Selfie


A personal favorite of a girl taking selfies of herself in places or with things we all know she cannot afford. Her friends usually comment on the photo ‘omg you look so gorge girl’ but we dudes are all thinking she is banging some old guy….

2. “I am staying in, give me attention” Selfie


This is the girl who probably is feeling fat or did too much blow the past couple nights and now has decided to stay in and pretend she is a good girl for a night. She wants everyone to know she is home alone and that they should feel free to text her cause she is bored to death, while stunting like she is happy…

3. “I’m out YOLOing” Selfie


This is usually a group Selfie of girls all up close in the camera out of focus or in the back of a cab with bad lighting. They are on their way out to get into some shit or are already knee deep in it. The captions usually make no sense cause its some inside joke and the rest of the world doesn’t care, at all…

4. No Make-up Selfie


These happen from time to time, they shouldn’t…

5. Fitness Selfie


Now it’s no secret we love yoga pants, and we follow all these hot fitness chicks on our Instagram, so a good gym selfie is always welcome. Preferably, give us some angle. The straight on shot is boring as fuck. But girls who are in shape, and hot, love lettingthe world know they are at the gym and not chugging down some dudes bottle of goose, at least for the time being. Life is about balance…

6. “I have a Boyfriend” Selfie


Now this is a rare selfie but occasionally the girl will parade her man around. Generally, these posts get the least likes and the girl will see a decrease in about 15% of her followers, but she will get a comment like “awe” from some old friend of hers from her hometown she hasn’t been back to in years.

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