These Guys Spent 7-Hours Getting Shit-Faced in the Back of a U-Haul Driving From FL to SC on a Bachelor Party

I’ve never been to a bachelor party (my own included) that could be construed as creative or outside-of-the-box. That doesn’t mean the parties I’ve been to haven’t been memorable — I mean, who’s not going to remember losing $1,000 in two spins at the roulette wheel?

Dudes usually suck at veering from the normal Casino + Strip Club + Hooker + Oh No, The Hooker is Dead formula. It’s tried-and-true, why would we possibly look elsewhere?

These guys, though…they looked elsewhere. And elsewhere seems prettaaayyy fucking fun. Dangerous? for sure. Illegal? Quite possibly. But fun? SHIT YEAH.

Here is the bachelor’s email to us, plus more photos below.

“Road tripped it in the back of a U-Haul from Jacksonville all the way to Charleston for the final ultimate shit show. We picked up 2 couches on the side of the road, bought a kiddie pool and filled it with 15 bags of Ice and 40 beers. Played Edward 40 hands and ate at Pizza Hut for my bachelor party dinner in speedos. This was all on the drive up to classy charleston. The drive took 7 hours instead of 3 and it was a sweatbox but incredible.”

Barry O even made an appearance.


As did some real choice fashion decisions.

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