U.S. Map Ranks All 50 States According To The Price Of Weed

price weed each state


If you smoke a lot of weed what state you live in could be seriously affecting your budget. For instance, if you live in Virginia you could be saving about $150 an ounce if you just up and moved to Oregon. Of course, Oregon is also one of the few states were marijuana is legal for recreational use so that strongly figures into its stoner-friendly price point.

According to PriceOfWeed.com, where the data for the map below created by Forbes came from, the national average for buying a high-quality ounce of weed is $324.

As you can see, those states where weed is legal all fall below that average, while the most expensive states to purchase some good pot are Virginia at $363, Vermont at $367 and North Dakota at $387. If you live in one of those states it might be time to head west.

H/T Hypebeast; Weed image by Shutterstock