U.S. Map Shows Which States Have The Most Couch Potatoes, AKA The Happy States

map states most couch potatoes stats


Real estate app Estately has put together another one of their fascinating studies, this time creating a map of the states which contain the most couch potatoes.

How do they define a couch potato, I hear you asking? Here’s the criteria that they used: hours per day spent watching TV, Laz-E-Boy retailers per capita, fast food restaurants per capita, exercise frequency, obesity rate, hours worked per day, expressed interest in soap operas on Facebook, and Google searches for video game rentals.

Hmmm… if some of those things are bad I don’t want to be good.

Anyway, here’s what they came up with… sorry, Ohio.

Way to go Mid-South America! You grabbed six of the top 10!

Here’s where the rest of you fell on the laziness spectrum…

Estately also has a whole bunch of other cool maps related to this including States That Watch The Most TV, States That Exercise The Least, Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita, and many more. Go check it out.

Man crashed on the couch image by Shutterstock

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