Uber Tries To Charge $12,000 For 35 Minute Trip From Brooklyn To Manhattan

There are times when Uber is the best thing in the world — a couple taps on your phone from the bar and BOOM, you have a ride home for the night. There are other times where Uber is pure nightmare fuel, such as the incident Jaime Hessel experienced while trying to get from Brooklyn to Midtown East in Manhattan. For you non-New Yorkers, that’s usually a pretty short trip, depending on traffic. Due to some weird glitches and a bad driver, however, she ended up being charged $12,000 to her credit card. That’s pure nightmare fuel right there.

Gothamist has the full story:

Hessel’s initial receipt for the ride was $56.40, which she immediately contested, claiming that the driver had unnecessarily extended the ride. She sent an e-mail to Uber Support, and Uber responded a few days later, on April 3rd. “They were really quick about it, and I was impressed,” she admitted. “They said, ‘We reviewed it, and you’re right. He definitely took extra time that was unnecessary, we’re going to credit your account $15.”

Yesterday morning, Hessel still hadn’t received her refund. This is probably due to the fact that the credit card on her account expired on April 1st, and she had yet to update the information.

“I received two e-mails yesterday. One about the status of my credit saying it should be there, it’s been processed. And then a second e-mail saying they are trying to charge me $16,000, but then $4,000 had already been taken care of, so I owed them $12,000. I couldn’t even tell you what this was about, because I checked my credit cards and there was no charge. I e-mailed them numerous times and they kept giving me the runaround. I was furious. I mean, you can’t give me an explanation?”

She fired off a barrage of e-mails, which she also sent to Gothamist.

Everything *sorta* ended up fine after a lot of back-and-forth, but it’s a nightmarish tale to read in full.

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