World’s Most Violent Uber Driver Drags Woman By Car And Runs Her Over, So Don’t Use Your Phone In An Uber, Bros

There have been some horror stories with the ride-sharing app Uber, but this one might just take the cake, as a driver in Australia lost his damn mind on a poor passenger who was, get this, using her phone during the ride.

According to a Daily Mail report, passenger Sascha Pangallo ordered her daily, post-work ride last Friday, thinking she’d end up with some normal driver who would make small talk and look for a five-star rating.

She got a hell of a lot worse, though.

After refusing to put her destination into his GPS and forced to give verbal directions to the driver, Sascha said that she answered an important phone call during the ride, leaving the rider more than pissed off that he wasn’t sure where he was actually going.

Claiming to get screamed at during the entire ride, the driver—named ‘Paul’—started hitting the passenger and, when realizing there was a witness, sped off as Pangallo was trying to get out of the car.

In doing so, the fucking maniac driver ran over and dragged her, causins Sascha to make a hospital visit for a possible broken leg, burns from both the tires and pavement and, potentially, a blood clot.

Remember, bros, all this for just talking on the fucking phone!

I’ve been hammered and have done some things I wouldn’t rather talk about in the back of an Uber, but, drunk or sober, it looks like I’ll just keep my phone in my pocket from now on to assure myself shit like this doesn’t happen—or I’ll just walk.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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