Slimeball Uber Driver Fired And Arrested For Giving Himself A Tug In Front Of Customer (VIDEO)

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Loneliness comes in varying degrees. I’m more accustomed with texting my ex-girlfriend in hopes of fostering up some stale loving feelings. Don’t look at me like that. But that’s one end of the spectrum. The other end would be stroking my kielbasa in the back seat of my car to a stranger just looking for a ride to her summer house.

When a Philadelphia woman requested an Uber for the hour ride from Sea Isle City, N.J., to her summer home in Avalon, N.J., over Memorial Day weekend, she got the shit end of the stick when 57-year-old Nayal Salem showed up.

After the woman reached her destination, Salem got in the backseat with her and began stroking himself over his clothes, police report. The woman said that the child lock was on so she could not escape the car.

“I love your body, my God I love your body,” the creep said while giving himself the ol’ five-finger shuffle. “Your body is beautiful.”

When the driver asked her what she wanted from him, she responded “let me out.”

The driver, completely oblivious and incapable of taking a hint, said “Have a good night. Call me, alright?” while exiting the car.

Salem was charged with lewdness, false imprisonment and harassment. He has also been banned by Uber from operating in the state of New Jersey.

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