Watch This Uber Driver Mace A Hammered Passenger After Getting Slugged In The Face For Kicking Him Out

by 3 years ago


If you sign up to be an Uber driver, you gotta have patience and a high threshold for drunken bullshit. I can count the number of times I’ve gotten into an Uber sober on one hand, but there are no issues when I’m hammered because I can handle my alcohol and my mother raised me to treat people with dignity (thanks, mom!).

But there’s a stark difference between harmless alcohol-induced debauchery and malicious stupidity.

And Uber driver Edward Caban knows this all too well after picking up the wrong dude–a diabolical mix of drunken incoherence, failing to bring a chick home from the bar, and daddy issues made this trip an absolute nightmare.

Edward mounted a camera in his vehicle and turned it to capture the scene as tensions rose. It starts off pretty innocently, actually quite comically, as the driver proclaims that the dickface put his destination address in as “The Dark Knight” (nicely done).

When the passenger further proves his incompetence and fails to provide a proper address for the driver while bouncing all over the back seat because his drunken, noodly body isn’t strapped into his seatbelt, Edward pulls over, stops the trip, and demands the passenger leave.

After a moment of pleading with the driver, the passenger turns physical. That’s when Edward lays the hammer down with a bottle of mace spray he had hidden under his leg.

Take a look at the whole scene below. Top notch entertainment.

Edward’s YouTube channel indicates that the passenger was arrested.


[h/t Unilad]