An Uber Driver Traded A Ride For Oral Sex And Apparently You Can’t Do That

by 3 years ago
uber driver oral sex arrest

The Smoking Gun

The bartering system used to be how things were done in the olden days and it’s occasionally still done today, but trading an Uber ride for oral sex? The is apparently something that would not qualify as kosher these days. Who knew?!

According to The Smoking Gun

Cops spotted driver Jason Lynch, 42, picking up a woman Wednesday in a St. Petersburg area “known for prostitution activity.” After driving to a parking lot, Lynch was spotted by undercover officers “receiving oral sex in his vehicle” from Elizabeth Santos, 41.

Lynch, the reports allege, had “his penis exposed” in “full view of the public.”

After Lynch was detained, he reportedly admitted “exchanging a ride in his vehicle for oral sex.” Lynch, cops noted, “advised he was an Uber,” and said that he asked Santos how she intended to pay. Santos, he added, “agreed to perform oral sex on him for the ride.”

Was that wrong

Both Lynch and Santos were arrested on prostitution and lewd and lascivious behavior charges. Apparently Santos has prior prostitution convictions so she’s in a lot more trouble than he is and was being held on $5250 bond.

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