Ugly Dudes Share Their Tips For Landing Chicks Out Of Their League, So Take Notes

Sometimes, all in life you have to get girls is a personality. If you’re not born with incredible looks or gifted genetics then you’re going to need to be funny, or interesting, but preferably both. Below, a bunch of admittedly ugly dudes shared their secrets for landing chicks out of their league. This is some pretty helpful info for you bros out there who lean on personality because you’re lacking in the looks department so you might want to take notes (via AskReddit):

I had a roommate who used to do this one all the time and it worked better than I could’ve ever imagined. Seriously, this is a proven strategy that I’ve seen work firsthand.

I made “jokes” about having a small penis. She liked my sense of humor. Jokes on her though.

Him: So, do you like guys with huge dicks?
Her: Of course.
Him: …sorry to have wasted your time.

As a bigger dude, I grew a beard that suited my face, dressed in clothing that fits but compliments me, smell nice and learn that girls want to talk not just be heard.

Spread positive rumors about yourself.

I have a split tongue and spread a rumour in high school that I’m willing to chow down for hours. That’s how I landed my wife. 9 years in December!

We were coworkers.
We used to talk a lot and clicked when it came to sense of humor and goofing around. To quickly became good friends and then started dating. I was giving her genuine affection without an ulterior motive. Her family constantly put her down and and was two-faced when it came to being nice. I was the counter to that. I was the escape.
I finished my degree and moved with her four hours away. It was close enough to visit if we wanted but too far for her family to drop by unannounced. We finally had a calm life away from the stress and strife that her family caused.
Then after she had her calm life she no longer needed her escape and couldn’t ignore the fact that she never actually wanted me as a person. She only wanted what I represented; what I no longer needed to provide. So she started cheating on me with someone who she was actually attracted to behind my back and his wife’s back. Seven years, gone. My love life has been downhill since then.

Move to some place where your accent will be appreciated.

British accent in Sweden.

Huge cock.
I’m a huge cock and my wife finds arrogance very attractive.

She fell off the stage while dancing at a nightclub and I caught her. She was a solid 8.5 and I’m a 6. No way I would have spent the night with her if I didn’t save her from breaking her neck haha.

One of my old HS friends, bless his soul, is pretty much the opposite of everything a girl typically wants in a guy. He’s overweight, has poor hygiene, is chronically lazy, works a dead in job in fast food, likes video games too much etc.
The shocking thing is that over the 7 or so years I’ve known him he’s had a number of girlfriends. The secret is that all the girls he’s dated have been equally unattractive. Honestly, that’s basically it. He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to get them.

You know the hand trick where it appears that you are taking your fingers off, yeah that.

I offer 10 goat for hand of daughter of village blacksmith, he say I add 2 chicken and he is agree. That is how I get girl.

She asked me out…I have no fucking idea. She did say she liked how I marched to the beat of my own drum.

Took her on my boat. She couldn’t say no. Because of the implication

I’m 6’4, she’s 5’1. I think honestly she just can’t see me very well from down there


i just flaunt my money… in hourly increments of £90.

Killed her old boyfriend in one on one combat. At that point she knew I was the one.

By being myself and no more than slightly going above and beyond. And always remember shoot for the stars, not all of them can get out of the way fast enough. You’d be surprised by what you can get by not psyching yourself out cause you think she might not like you.

Make her laugh.

Lower your standards. You’ll be soaked.

Confidence and a sense of humor. This is the best advice you’ll ever get.

Honestly I’m a big fat dude but I’ve had the most GF’s out of my group. Confidence, sense of humor, and remembering to treat women like human beings and not these weird judging enigmas seems to work. just actually pay attention to her and really just remember they have quirks and interests like you and if you get to know them, you can relate more.

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Spread positive rumors about yourself.