This Army Mom Is The World’s Worst Helicopter Parent And It Makes Me Cringe So Hard

by 3 years ago

Millennials get a bad rap for being members of a so-called “trophy generation” that feels entitled to something without working for it. But sometimes parents are even worse. Like this mom. She thinks her enlisted son is a special snowflake in Army compared to his peers. She even seriously considers calling her son’s Battalion Command Sergeant Major to inquire why he hasn’t received his combat patch yet. Such a move to her son’s chain of command opens him up for ridicule the rest of his career in the service. That’s some cringe-worthy helicopter parent B.S.

According to the uploader on Imgur, the conversation apparently went down via a Facebook group called 5Bravo. Here’s the original exchange.

The poor kid’s life is going to be a living hell if she actually went through with that call. For the love of God, mom, let your boy take a jump out of the nest. LET GO. Learn to take pride in him EARNING his combat patches and not being entitled to them.

I weep for the future generation, but I weep even more for how pathetic some parents are about coddling their children.

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