Watch The Ultimate Compilation Of Bros Drinking Beers Like Absolute Savages

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All summer long, BroBible readers have been hitting us up with videos of their drinking and partying shenanigans. Some of the most popular videos are dudes smashing and shotgunning beers, throwing brews down their throats like absolutely savages. So last night, while bored on a flight back to New York, made a little compilation of the best videos of Bros drinking beers like savages. Even though we’re still a couple days from the weekend, it will get you amped up to get ridic.

Big shout out to all the BroBible readers who have sent these videos in over the last few months. You guys are the real MVP of this video. I should also note there’s also a little clip from Yeti Campus, so check that out as well.

If you have something that’d be great for the BroBible Instagram, drop me an e-mail at Or just DM @BroBible on Insta itself. The next compilation I’d like to make is one of Bros running through doors (like this and this), so if you have a video like that, let me know.