Ever Wonder What Could Happen If You Eat Raw Or Spoiled Meat? Check Out This 100% Pure Concentrated Nightmare Fuel

I don’t mess around with undercooked meat. There are times when I’m grilling chicken and I wonder if I could’ve left it on the grill another 2 or 3 minutes, but that’s mostly because it has been ingrained in my mind that raw chicken is lethal. When it comes to bacon and all other pork products though I don’t really think twice, I just cook or grill them for the allotted time. As it turns out, undercooked or spoiled pork can lead to Trichinosis, a horrifying parasitic disease of which I wish I never learned about, but here we are.

After coming across this nightmare-inducing video of Trichinosis on Facebook I now know what can happen if you eat spoiled or undercooked pork: a parasitic disease caused by roundworms of the genus Trichinella. Apparently this used to be super common back in the day when we didn’t have refrigerators and freezers, and nobody really understood the importance of sanitation. If if feels like I’m rambling a bit here it’s because I am, I just want to put some text between the top of the page and this video because it’s abso-fucking-lutely terrifying, and I just want to be VERY CLEAR that watching this might scar you from messing around with bacon…Now if you’re ready to see what your insides could look like if you’re a heavy pork eater then you can click play on the video below:

I was planning on eating some al pastor tacos for dinner tonight, on second though I think I’ll be having steak tacos, because I’m not willing to mess around immediately after watching this video. It feels like some sort of a sign…

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