The Couple Who Did It In A Uniqlo Then Shared The Video Of Them Doing It Have Been Arrested For Doing That

Let this be a lesson, Bros, in case you ever find yourself in the dressing room of a Uniqlo with a lady somewhere in mainland China. If you film that encounter, then post it to the internet, and it goes mega-viral, you will be arrested for that.

That’s what happened to a couple in Beijing, whom we reported on last week. They did it in a Uniqlo changing room, then shared the video. Now, they’ve been found by the police. Who are not happy.

Police have detained several people connected to a viral sex video filmed at a Uniqlo clothing store fitting room in Beijing.

“The two people in the obscene video had sex in the fitting room in mid-April and used a cell phone to film their activity,” Beijing police said in a statement about the preliminary results of its investigation.

“The video was leaked and uploaded on the Internet when it was sent to WeChat friends.”

Meanwhile, Chinese social media sites are being disciplined for their role in the sensation.

As Beijing police announced an investigation into the case Wednesday, China’s Internet regulators summoned executives from the parent companies of WeChat and Weibo.

Government officials chastised the companies for their social networks’ role in spreading the video “against socialist core values,” and reminded Internet users to “preserve a healthy online environment.”

Fucking communists. Quite literally.