Coldwood Interactive Threaded The Damn Needle With Their New Game ‘Unravel’

Created by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts, ‘Unravel‘ is a physics-based puzzle platform game available on the XBOX ONE and PS4, starring you as the nimble, highly agile, magically-animated red yarn doll Yarny.

The game trailer, which came out a while ago, shows off some seriously kickass CG, and a quick skim of the interweb reveals your main objective as Yarny in this game centers on helping the old lady we see in the trailer, retrieve her memories. Much like unraveling a ball of yarn. Ah, I see what you did there Coldwood, and I like it.

“Unravel’s” Creative Director, Martin Sahlin says that the yarn that makes up Yarny is meant to represent love, and cleverly enough the further your character travels away from home, what he loves, the quicker you’ll find yourself coming unraveled. ‘Unravel’ also features a dialogue/narration-free environment, and instead relies heavily upon the profound kind of veg-the-fuck-out, exploration gaming experience any solid gaming soundtrack can spur for the gamer in need of a mental checkout. Always down for good tunes and pretty puzzles. The game’s claim to fame will likely rest on its remarkably refined and polished graphics, and the most minute of details allotted to the smallest of elements. Then again, if you consider the fact your character’s a tiny lil yarn doll, you’ll quickly recognize the indispensable applications (platform to jump, piece to an efficient pulley system) you might stand to glean from something as otherwise insignificant as an *empty cup of coffee.