Check Out Some Of The Unusual Benefits Employers Are Now Offering Their Employees

The Society for Human Resource Management, yes, that’s a thing, released its annual benefits survey this week and whoa, boy, how do we get some of these benefits?

First off, some companies ARE actually offering some really nice benefits.

96% now offer dental and prescription drug coverage, 87% offer vision insurance, and 83% offer contraceptive coverage. Yeah, baby.

50% offer CPR/first aid training, 44% offer smoking cessation programs, 30% offer laser-based vision correction coverage, and 20% offer nutritional counseling.

So there are definitely some pretty cool benefit offerings being made these days.

It’s the benefits below that will make you say, “Wow.”

For example, did you know that 2% of companies surveyed now offer egg freezing for non-medical purposes? Gotta be prepared I guess.

And 11% offer on-site massage therapy services. Now there’s a perk.

5% offer an on-site vegetable garden and 2% offer an on-site nap room. Must be for after you get that sweet, sweet massage.

Now here comes the real good bennies…

5% offer free computers for personal use, 21% offer paid time off for volunteering, and 8% offer a paid day off for your birthday.

Nice huh? But that’s nothing compared to the 3% that offer unlimited paid sick time and the 2% that offer unlimited paid time off!

Vacations for everyone! All the time!

And last, but not least, 1% of the companies surveyed now offer divorce insurance. That will come in even more handy now that everybody can get married! (I wonder if it gives you back half your stuff?)

H/T Happy Place; Happy employees image by Shutterstock