You Need To Update Your Phone NOW! Your iPhone Can Be Hacked With A Single Text Message

Do you procrastinate updating your phone because you are too consumed with reading all of the sublime articles on BroBible? I can’t blame you. However, there is a pressing issue that you need to attend to.


Your iPhone is vulnerable to attacks by hackers. The hackers can breach your phone’s security through messaging, web browsing, or email software. All these bastards need is a phone number, then by sending one measly, but dangerous iMessage they can steal your information, including passwords.

Quartz has the details of this terrifying hack:

The security gaps were discovered by Tyler Bohan, a researcher with Cisco Talos, a unit of Cisco that works on security. Forbes was the first to report on the findings. The hacks strike at the heart of Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems, exploiting the way they deal with importing and exporting images.

Here’s how the attack works: A hacker creates malware that’s formatted as a TIFF file, which is just another image format like JPG or GIF. The hacker then sends it to a target using iMessage. This is especially effective because the messaging app automatically renders images on its default settings.

Once the infected file is received, malicious code can be executed on the target device, giving an attacker access to the device’s memory and stored passwords. The victim wouldn’t even have had a chance to prevent it. The same attack can be delivered by email, or by making the user visit a website that contains the infected image, using Apple’s Safari browser.

All versions of iOS and OS X are at risk except for the latest ones, which were only made available on July 18.

If you don’t want to update your phone right now, you can protect your phone be turning off iMessage and also disable MMS messaging. However, that means that you will receive text messages only, and not image messages. So no nudes. So just fucking update your goddamn phone before your shit gets hacked. Then continue to receive said nudes.