Sweet Spreadsheet Shows Exactly How Many Bombs America Dropped On ISIS In 2015


Most year in review pieces are unnecessary, boring, awful navel gazing.

Here’s why 2015 was so important for my growth. 

Why 2015 is the year I matured most as a writer.

Like I said, ball gargling boring. I’d rather attempt to prick a hole in the vein on my dick with the sharpened end of a paper clip than read one of those.

But this one, this one doesn’t suck. It’s CentCom 2015 analysis of Operation Inherent Resolve, and it shows all the bombs we’ve dropped on ISIS.

Hey, guess how many bombs we dropped on ISIS last year. Guess!

Twenty eight thousand. That’s right, 28,000. Is that a lot of bombs? That’s a dick fucking shit load of bombs.

Look for yourself. We dropped 3,000 bombs on them in November alone. That’s 100 bombs a God. Damn. Day.

You can see the full graphs here, which also cover the number of sorties run, as well as our actions in Afghanistan.

Here’s to 2016, ISIS.

[H/T @peterwsinger]