Total Bro Move: U.S. Government Is Trying To Grow Testicles For Injured Soldiers Using Stem Cells

by 3 years ago

The United States is actively working to restore the ability to reproduce in soldiers who have previously been injured and consequently lost their testicles and/or some other part of their reproductive systems, and government scientists believe that stem cells will be the key to growing fully functional testicles in labs.

About a month ago we brought you news that the U.S. Government was working to bring a revolutionary penis replacement surgery to soldiers who had been injured in the line of duty. Today I’m stoked to share news with you bros that the U.S. Government is working with stem cells to grow testicular tissue (in lab) that would then be surgically implanted into patients, eventually restoring full testicular function.

VICE’s Motherboard reports:

By using a few millimeters of damaged tissue, doctors can extract testicular stem cells which can then be used for growing a miniature testicle. It’s almost microscopic, but the testicle has all the capabilities of producing sperm normally. Inside the organ, immature sperm cells are created with the help of testosterone, gather toward the center and then mature with the help of “nurse” cells that create functioning sperm.

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