U.S. Map Shows The Actual Value Of $100 In Each State

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map value of 100 dollars by state


Depending on where you live in these United States $100 isn’t really $100. In some places it’s worth far less, but good news for those of you living in Mississippi, you’re rich!

At least according to new research done by The Tax Foundation, a non-profit organization that used recently released data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to create a map showing just how far your $100 will go.

Looks like some of those flyover states might be a good place to do a little shopping, huh, coastal people? Especially for those of you in the District. You could go hog wild if you took some of your cash and stocked up in Mississippi.

map actual value of 100 dollars by state

Tax Foundation

To save you some time looking, here are the top five states where $100 is worth the most…
Mississippi – $115.21
Arkansas – $114.29
South Dakota – $114.21
Alabama – $114.03
West Virginia – $113.12

And the five states where $100 is worth the least…
Washington, D.C. – $84.96
Hawaii – $86.06
New York – $86.73
New Jersey – $87.34
California – $89.05

Don’t know about you, but I’m moving.

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