US Map Shows Which States Are The Most Redheaded-Friendly In The Country

us map redheaded friendly states


The folks over at Estately are back with yet another clever map of America. This time they’re tackling the unique topic of which states in America are the most friendly for redheaded people. (Where do they come up with these ideas?)

The criteria they used to determine the most ginger-friendly states is pretty good…

— Fewest number of clear, sunny days on average.
— Percentage of Facebook users with interest in pro-redhead sites, issues, holidays, celebrations, etc.
— Percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in a list of 26 famous American redheads.
— Local businesses with “redhead” or “redheaded” in name per 10,000 residents.
— Highest amount of redhead representation in Congress per constituents.
— Preference for Ginger over Mary Ann using Google searches.

The results?

If you’re a redhead, West Virginia is the place you want to be. In fact, the whole Rust Belt in general is looking pretty good for you.

Estately breaks it down even further with anecdotes and other interesting redhead-related facts for all 50 states so head over there and check it out since you’re already not doing anything productive right now.

Redheaded woman image by Shutterstock