The U.S. Military Lost Control Of A Giant, Unmanned Blimp, Which Is Now Floating Over The Northeast

The United States military — the most impressive fighting force ever assembled in the five billion year history of this planet — has lost control of a giant, unmanned blimp. It was tethered at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, but is now floating over eastern Pennsylvania.

The United States military — which has an annual budget of over $600 billion — has scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to track the blimp, which it can not control.

The United States military — which lost control of a blimp today — advises anyone who spots the blimp to call 911.

The blimp is a surveillance blimp, designed to track incoming cruise missiles. In a twist of irony, it is now the military that is tracking the blimp, which is floating at 16,000 feet.

It is expected to continue on a northeasterly trajectory.

UPDATE: The blimp is down!


[Via The Baltimore Sun]