Navy’s Railgun Fires At Mach 6 And The Projectile Moves So Fast It Vaporizes The Air Into A Smoke Cloud

The U.S. Navy’s electromagnetic railgun was recently tested by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). This electromagnetic railgun fires using a revolutionary massive electrical pulse system instead of traditional gun powder or other incendiary chemical propellant.

Bros, this allows the projectile fired from the Navy’s electromagnetic railgun to fire at speeds that exceed MACH 6. Fired at that speed, the railgun projectile can travel distances of over 100 nautical miles.

Above, we see the Navy’s electromagnetic railgun successfully test firing multi-shot salvos and it creates a bit of an optical illusion because of the smoke cloud. The typical smoke cloud you’d see from a gun firing like this would be caused by the gunpowder. But as I mentioned above, this is firing off an electrical pulse system without gunpowder. That smoke cloud we’re seeing is actually the air around the projectile being VAPORIZED because the projectile’s moving so fast. Suddenly, I feel a little bit safer in the world knowing that the U.S. Navy has guns like this in the arsenal…. (h/t DIGG Video)

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