This Is How You Can Use Your Mind To Get You To Orgasm Without Ever Needing Sex, Your Hand – You Get The Idea

by 4 years ago

The process is called “thinking off,” and it’s an act that Mik Scarlet came to advocate after his spine collapsed during his teenage years, leaving him unable to get an erection. Described as an orgasm that “flows through your body and is a much bigger and over-arching sensation,” thinking off was originally developed to help people suffering from spinal injuries that left them unable to orgasm via genital stimulation due to a lack of sensation in the lower parts of their bodies.

As for how “thinking off” works, via Metro:

1. Go somewhere comfortable
Find yourself a space where you feel relaxed and safe.
You’re not going to be able to get yourself off if you’re worried someone might walk through the door at any minute.

2. Get rid of guilt
Guilt is an instant moodkiller. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Don’t worry that your fantasies might be weird – chances are a lot of other people are into what you are too.

3. Start to fantasise
Now the fun begins. Think about whatever turns you on and enjoy it.
Let your mind guide you to your happy place.

4. Pinpoint your erogenous zones
Either by yourself or with a partner, explore areas of your body that you may have previously ignored.
Try touching and stroking everything from your ear to your ankle and find what arouses you.

5. Combine the zone with your thoughts
Now think about what turns you on while touching the area of the body, this will create a new orgasmic zone.
Try not to worry about having an orgasm and just have fun with the process.
It might not happen the first few times, but with practice you should be able to think yourself off.

Not working for you? Don’t look at me, I can’t help you – I’m just a blogger. But make sure to check out the video up top for more detailed instructions from Mik Scarlet.

[H/T Metro]