Valedictorian Gets His Mic Cut After He Goes Rogue And Starts Bashing The Administration During Speech

The valedictorian and class president of Wyoming Area class of 2017 (Pennsylvania) went off the pre-approved script to stick it to school administrators who he claims refused to let its students make any real change.

Villanova-bound Peter Butera thanked his classmates for electing him class President before transitioning into ripping an “overly authoritarian administration.” Before Peter could really go in on the administration for its reluctance to transfer its iron grasp of influence, his mic was cut and he was approached by Principal Jon Pollard to leave the stage, essentially proving his point.

“I don’t think it could have gone any better,” Butera, 18, said Sunday, according to MCALL. “I got my point across and them cutting the microphone proved my point to be true.”

“I assume if I went off script and praised the administration it would not have gotten pulled,” said Butera, the son of local attorney Michael Butera.”

As Butera walked off stage, the entire graduating class stood up to applaud his sentiment, while one person in the crowd screamed “Let him speak!” and another, “I’m so proud right now.”

Props to Butera for shattering the stereotype of the valedictorian as being a kiss ass who has a roller backpack and won’t let you cheat off him in chemistry. Hero.

[h/t The Morning Call]