Kid Hits On Every Girl In High School At Same Time With The Greatest Valentine’s Day Idea Ever

In high school, student government would run this promotion where you could buy a Tootsie Pop for a $1 and send it to another student on Valentine’s Day. The money went to funding dances and field trips but it should have been saved for psychiatrist fees for the students who didn’t get lollipops while some people (hot chicks) walked out with boxes during afternoon dismissal.

Spending the day lollipop-less is a shitty feeling on an already shitty day.

Hayden Godfrey doesn’t want anyone to have that feeling on Valentine’s Day, so every year of high school, the kid has gone one step further to make sure every girl in his school has a good February 14th. In his freshman year, Godfrey anonymously sent 10-20 flowers to girls through a school Valentine’s Day system. In his sophomore year, he walked around at lunch passing out flowers. Last year, he bought over 100 flowers, one for every girl in the drama department.

Godfrey is a senior now and it’s time to go big. Like “$450 on roses” big.

This year, he said, he wanted to go out with a bang. He bought about 900 carnations for the 834 females in Sky View High School’s student body.

“So many girls feel down on Valentine’s Day,” Godfrey said. “I’ve never gotten anything for Valentine’s Day, either. In a way, I sympathize. I devoted myself to kindness each year. I try to make every girl happy as possible.”

You’re probably thinking, much like our own Rebecca, that the kid BETTER have gotten laid after all that money and effort. He probably did, but, he’s got a girlfriend. And she better put out since the guy probably has like 800 admirers now.

[via HJ News]