You’ll Never Valet Your Car Again After Watching What This Guy Caught On His Hellcat Challenger Dashcam

Valeting your car is risking business, but it’s a necessity in places with hellacious parking, like the entire state of California. According to Jalponik, Redditor BrandonNeider left his 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the hands of a valet with the car in “Valet Mode,” which locks the car from shenanigans like revving the engine or going for a joyride.  In his own words:

Took my car to Universal Studios (FL) and left it with the valet. I expected my car to be taken care of and valet mode saved me i guess? They even had a passenger get in the car and didn’t notice the dash cam mounted on the windshield (Not hidden at all)

He adds:

I’m not mad, But i will say I’m thankful for setting Valet Mode. I have a feeling they would have done a pull or two like said in the video if it wasn’t enabled. He pulled the paddle or put the gear selector in manual which is why he found out it was in valet.

The camera is mounted in such an obvious spot as the passenger and not hidden at all. Basically my rearview mirror has the valentine one on the driver side and papago 520 on the passenger side. The 520 is so bulky with the mount its impossible to miss sitting in the passenger seat. Even the driver can see 1/4th of it

Brandon’s dashcam recorded the valets saying “this is horseshit… it’s on Valet Mode, we can’t do anything,” then chattering about all the fun they wish they could have in another dude’s car instead of, you know, parking it.

In other words, this video basically confirms your insecurities about parking with a valet. Be careful, Bros.

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[H/T: Jalopnik]