Idiots In Drought-Stricken California Vandalize A Dam, Waste 50 Million Gallons Of Water In The Process

by 4 years ago

Police in California are searching for several suspects (read: idiots) responsible for deflating a rubber dam in Fremont last Thursday, causing some 50 million gallons of perfectly good, potable water to go to waste by way of draining into the San Francisco Bay.

Seriously, who does this shit!!!?

Of all the things you can vandalize, you pick a water reserve dam? That’s not even creative, it’s just plain dumb! Newsflash: California is in an enormous fucking drought, and humans need water to live above every other substance on earth…especially in America! People need to bathe their dogs and stuff!

You literally have to be the most stupid person alive to think you’re accomplishing something even vaguely worthwhile by wasting enough drinking water to supply 500 homes FOR A FUCKING YEAR.

Some people, man. Mind-blowing levels of imbecile.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

[via NBC Bay Area, h/t Dave Mathison]

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