You’ve Literally Never Seen Anything Like This Dude’s Vape Tricks Before, I’m Totally Mind F*cked Right Now

I’m not easily impressed, especially not when it comes to shit like vaping. If you’ve been a loyal BroBible reader for a while now you’ve undoubtedly seen me taking steamy hot numero deuces all over vaping at some point. I respect vaping as a good way for people to quit but when people try and defend it as a healthier alternative without any conclusive science to back that up I begin to lose faith in humanity.

But I’m not here to shit on vaping today. I’m completely floored by this dude’s skills that are only useful on YouTube. This guy has clearly spent countless hours of life sucking down e-liquid but unlike people who do it out of boredom this dude’s been coming up with tricks never seen before:


This dude makes Gandalf look like a 3-year-old wizard playing in the sandbox.

h/t DIGG