Vaping Bro Hit The Vape So Damn Hard He Burned A Hole In His Lungs



There’s nothing like hitting the vape good.

But what happens when you hit the vape too good?

Turns out that’s bad.

A British man was hospitalized with a hole in his lung after he burned through it with his vape. Via The Sun:

Richard Courtney’s £100 device was meant to turn the fluid into vapour but a fault left him hooked up to a ventilator.

Richard was walking home from a mate’s house when he tasted fluid and started coughing.

He said: “Then it felt like I’d got a trapped nerve in my shoulder. In the morning I had a really tight chest and couldn’t breathe properly.

“I went to hospital. One of the nurses there put my vape on an oxygen tube and showed that it was spitting liquid out.”

Richard, from Horley, Surrey, was told his right lung was working at just 25 per cent capacity.

Not only that, he probably had to get a new vape.

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