Vegetarian Eats Meat For The First Time In 22 Years And Absolutely Loses It

Stephanie Potakis is the casting director for The Onion, and A.V. Club is the sister site of The Onion. For 22 LONG ass years, Stephanie has been a vegetarian. But she’s a woman who understands the value of good content, and ‘good content’ means the public getting to see a vegetarian enjoy meat for the first time in over two decades. If you know a vegetarian you should go ahead and send them this video IMMEDIATELY so they can see what they’re missing out on through the eyes of one of their own.

I think the part that got me the most was when Stephanie said she finally understands what people are talking about when they say something’s ‘juicy’. There’s nothing comparable in the vegetarian world to a delicious piece of juicy steak no matter what vegetarians want to tell themselves. God bless meat.

The most surprising thing about this video is how she went from being a vegetarian for 22 years to trying bone marrow day one. That’s one of the richest, most protein-packed meat dishes around and it’s one that even makes me feel full. I can’t imagine how her body reacted to delicious bone marrow after not having any real nutrition for 22 years.

Just PURE BLISS on every bite, you can see it all across her face…This is why I could never, ever be a vegetarian, you don’t get this sensation from eating vegetables:

“This one’s good, but this one’s stupid good. It’s like a butter I didn’t know existed but it tastes like meat.” Stephanie Potakis certainly has a way with words.

…(h/t AV Club)…