Street Fight Over $10 Features A Dude Punched So Squarely In The Face He Momentarily Becomes A Parallelogram

What up, bros! So this clip right here is actually from back in late July but I’m almost certain that the majority of you out there haven’t seen it yet. I wanted to share it with you today because unlike 99.99% of street fight videos on YouTube this one’s edited in way that actually shows you the action, and by that I mean they’ve slowed down the devastating punches so that we can fully realize just how devastating some of the blows landed are.

I can’t help but love the dude wearing fluorescent pink shorts saying ‘I don’t wanna fight’ is just beating the piss out of a bully. Let’s watch some of those highlights once more in animated GIF:


I won’t presume to know if that dude getting absolutely dominated is actually a bully or not but I will say that there was a clear winner of this fight and it was the dude wearing bright pink shorts.

…(via Ricky Munday YouTube)…

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