Intense Video Takes You Inside Scary Alabama Prison Riot Where The Warden Was Stabbed

We take you to William C. Holman Correctional Facility in southern Alabama where a prison riot exploded allowing inmates to run amuck, start fires and even stab the warden. One prisoner was able to get his hands on a cell phone to give you a first-hand perspective of the chaos of the scary unrest. If this whole prison thing doesn’t work out for him, maybe he has a promising future as a news correspondent.

The gentleman recording the footage, who goes by the name of PA Brazeal, uploaded the video to his Facebook. The footage shows an inmate setting a fire in a hallway as prisoners seize control of a dormitory. During the pandemonium two correctional officials were stabbed, including Carter Davenport, the warden of the prison. Injuries to Davenport and the guard were said to not be life-threatening.

One dude was wielding a goddamn 18th century sword, like he was fucking Napoleon or some shit with his sabre.

If this man was keeping this giant sword under his mat then the correctional officers did not do a very proficient job of sniffing out contraband.

Three emergency response teams were deployed to bring the prison dorm under control, and order has since been restored. The facility is now calm and remains on lockdown.

The violence erupted on Friday when an officer was attempting to break up a fight between two inmates, and then the officer was stabbed by a prisoner.

The inmates seem to be enjoying prison a heck of a lot more than Jared Fogel.