Are There Real Time Travelers? Is This A Video Of Marty McFly Going Back To The Future In Brazil?

by 2 years ago

With the Chicago Cubs in the World Series and Nike making self-lacing shoes, many are thinking about Back to the Future. Now there’s even video coming to us from Brazil of a vehicle speeding down a street that conjures up visions of Doc Brown’s DeLorean.

Video shows a car speeding down the street, possibly attempting to achieve the speed of 88 mph, which as everyone knows enables cars to time travel.


Then the racing car goes out of view, but seconds later there are electrical lights beaming and the power fading on and off.


Is this video of Marty Mcfly putting his flux capacitor to the test and time traveling in Brazil? What is he doing in Brazil? Getting plutonium? Hitting up the world-famous brothels? Looking for Adolf Hitler?

Here’s a beautiful mashup of the footage from Brazil and the scene from Back to the Future.

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