How Many Jokes About This Video Of Dildos Causing A Traffic Jam In Moscow Can We Make?

A car was carrying a box of sex toys when it accelerated and the dildos fell out of the vehicle and scattered on the roadway. The box of cocks spilled out onto Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow and caused a traffic jam.

The dildo-carrying-car stopped at a traffic light and a man got out to gather all of his rubber dicks.

Let’s see how many jokes we can make about this unusual situation.

  • I haven’t seen so many dicks on the road since I was driving in the Bronx going to a Yankees game.
  • Now all the assholes on the roads have something to insert in them.
  • This road is fucked.
  • Russia has a funny way of filling potholes.
  • These drivers can literally go fuck themselves.
  • Drive-by dildoing.
  • This is literally cockblocking.
  • Your mom didn’t tell me she was going to Moscow.
  • That road wants the “D.”
  • Never has “rubbernecking” been more real than this traffic jam.
  • “Strap-on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”
  • Looks like Andy’s mom from Toy Story had her Woody and Buzz fall out of her car too.

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