This Guy Posted A Video Of His Leg Immediately After Getting Attacked By A Tiger Shark And OH DEAR GOD

Bro, your fucking leg. It has a gaping, GAPING HOLE in it and, yet, you can’t help but grab your phone and start recording, thinking “Yeah, this will go viral?”

Well, you’re right about that. It will go viral. Seeing what a tiger shark did to your leg (See: take a substantial chuck out of it) while you were in the water off the coast of Hawaii will get Internet traffic. Because we are all depraved motherfuckers looking for our next fix of Internet weirdness. So congrats on taking the video. And condolences on losing your knee cap. Or at least I think that’s what you lost, I could only muster the courage to watch the video one time.

Proceed with caution. His leg is all kinds of bloody and fucked.

Final warning.

Is it me or does he kind of look like Johnny Damon?

[H/T: Next Impulse Sports]