VIDEO: Best Mayor Ever Throws Best Christmas Party Ever Complete With Strippers, But Classless Ingrates Complain

To throw a Christmas party in the year 2016 is a task of monumental proportions. To plan a Christmas party, whoops I mean “holiday party,” that is inclusive for everyone, yet doesn’t offend anyone is seemingly impossible. In fact, even the term “holiday party” has been outlawed at the Texas Woman’s University. Instead, they want their faculty and students to use something less offensive such as “end of the fiscal year party” because the word “holiday” can be hurtful. Mark Kessler, a professor of multicultural women’s and gender studies at TWU, claims that the word “holiday” connotes “religious tradition and may not apply to all employees.” This one mayor attempted to find a common ground for all people of all races and creeds that would bring people together during the holiday season. His idea was to have strippers perform at the town’s annual Christmas party.

Jose Manuel Jimenez is the mayor of Lozoya del Valle, a small town in Spain outside of Madrid that has only 700 inhabitants. He organized the greatest Christmas party by having strippers warm everyone’s cockles with a sexy routine.

Men bust out their cameras and bust a nut recording the provocative performers. Even the ladies are enjoying the show and the near naked entertainers.

However, there’s always going to be a wet fucking blanket or two. Local authorities received complaints from some of the guests who deemed the show as “inappropriate.” Some unthankful fucks got so upset that they left the epic party mid-way through. Umm, how about a little respect for these hardworking dancers?

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The mayor clapped back at his critics who tried to break up his party, “We have almost always brought singers and artists of this type.”

Mayor Jimenez goes out of his way to provide a top notch entertainment for your shitty Christmas party and you thumb your nose at it? How dare you.

Mayor Jimenez, you’re welcome to throw a Christmas party or any party for that matter in my town whenever you’d like. Fuck those ingrates.