VIDEO: Milwaukee Cop Swerves Back And Forth Before Taking Out A Streetbiker And Passenger Because SAFETY FIRST



I think we can safely assume not a soul alive knows what that Milwaukee cop was doing when he decided to swerve back and forth before taking out a streetbiker and a passenger, causing the passenger to seek medical attention from a nearby hospital. Sure, anytime you see that many streetbikers at once it’s a bit unnerving, but from the helmet camera footage it doesn’t appear that they were doing a single thing wrong, and everyone was abiding by the law. That however didn’t stop the Milwaukee P.D. squad car from swerving across traffic and taking out one of the bikers. I’m really, really at a loss as to how the cop’s going to talk his way out of this one….

It’s around the :49 mark of the video that the patrol car swerves into the left lane, forcing the biker off the road and critically injuring the passenger:

Here’s that moment once more in GIF:

Wisconsin’s FOX6NOW reports:

It all started when a group of bikers cruised through Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon.
Video shows a Milwaukee Police Department squad car cutting back and forth across the lanes of traffic in front of the riders near N. 6th and McKinley.
A Milwaukee Police Department spokesman said the officer had gotten in front of the motorcycles in an attempt to bring their speed down and set a pace for the group. He says that’s when the motorcyclist tried to go around the car and struck the squad — and then veered off the road.
On Saturday, MPD received reports regarding dozens of motorcyclists driving recklessly — including some on the wrong side of the road and others doing wheelies in traffic, the MPD spokesman said.

“We was coming from downtown and you got the police who wanted to escort us out of downtown,” said Rio, a motorcyclist who was riding with the pack and saw the incident.
“What the supervisor was doing, he was driving erratically across the freeway so he just, he swerved like this, trying to hit somebody. So as Cuffy was going past, he just turned and hit Cuffy off his bike,” said Rio.
Friends of the motorcyclist involved say the collision seemed intentional, and say the driver was hurt in the incident.
An MPD spokesman says the driver reported no injuries on scene — though a passenger was taken to the hospital. The extent of injuries suffered is unclear.

Now that we’ve heard both sides of the story, I’m not quite sure what in the hell this angry biker though he was going to accomplish by getting right up on the officer’s face. It’s a friggin’ miracle that this guy wasn’t immediately shot with a stungun and arrested for bumping the officer repeatedly:

For more on this developing story you can follow the link above to Fox6Now!