I Defy You To Find A More Entertaining Video Of A Person Blowing Off Their Nipples With Fireworks Than This

You should never set off fireworks from your nipples.


You should never set off fireworks from your nipples unless there is a camera recording your imbecilic actions.

I need content and if you think that setting off fireworks from your man-tits will bring you fame then go for the gusto like this chap.

The Asian Justin Bieber is serious about making his teats a launching pad for fireworks. He constructs a fireworks silo by attaching plastic bottles to his moobies. Then he graces us all to this spectacular pyrotitnic show, complete with hilarious shrieks of pain.

I haven’t seen such mangled and chewed up nipples since… well this morning, when I was watching MILF videos on xHamster.

Instead of destroying his nipples with fireworks, he should have set fire to that atrocious bowl cut.

What did you think of this video Jason Paul-Pierre? One and half thumbs up? That’s what I thought.

Oh and by the way the audio is extremely loud. Sure I could have put this at the top by the actual video player, but what fun would that be?

If this whole viral video personality thing doesn’t work out for our friend here, maybe he can be befriend a crackhead druglord and set off fireworks in the house, but not off his nipples.

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