VIDEO: Russian Leader Is Trying To Out-Putin Vladimir Putin By Wrestling Crocodile

Vladimir Putin has sculpted his own public image by trying to embody machismo by strategically releasing photo-ops of him doing activities that are perceived to be masculine such as riding horseback shirtless, hitting the gym, riding motorcycles, training in the martial arts, shooting guns, racing cars, fishing and hunting. Well Vlad, watch your back because there’s a new Russian leader doing guy shit.

Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov embraces social media and shares A LOT of images.

He loves sports including MMA and soccer, and isn’t afraid to throw down on the mat.

He enjoys horse racing.

The former Chechen rebel knows his guns, missiles and the military.

And he especially loves to give things the thumbs up.

Kadyrov even wrangles crocs like he’s fucking zombie Steve Irwin. Or so it would seem.

In this heavily edited video you can see the Russian republic’s leader stalking a crocodile in a shallow marsh. You see the angry crocodile looking around, then suddenly Kadyrov grabs the beast’s head like it was harmless kitten. But was the croc even alive when he grabbed it? I’m sure we’ll never know.

Even if he did wrestle a live croc, does he have a $3193 iPhone 6S case with his face encrusted in gold with a titanium texture like Putin does in honor of his 63rd birthday? Didn’t think so.

Game respects game.