VIDEO: What If Tinder Conversations Happened In Real Life?

It’s easy to be blunt, extremely forward with your intentions and borderline offensive on Tinder because it’s just some stranger that you meet on a fuck app and a new person is only a swipe away. However most are probably not as brash in real life, correction: most are probably not as brash in real life except for a bar or club setting and you’ve already downed 11 shots of Fireball. But what would it look like if you used your Tinder pickup lines at the park or at the library?

The video titled “What Happens On Tinder” took real dialogue from actual Tinder conversations and reenacted them in public. The discourse is extremely whimsical, sophisticated and charming.

  • “My couch pulls out, but I don’t okay.”
  • “Do you like whales? Let’s go humpback at my place.”
  • “Are your parents beavers? Cuz DAMN!”
  • “Are you a drill sergeant because you got my privates standing at attention.”
  • “You seem like the type of girl that likes to be tied up and have Nutella eaten off her ass.”
  • “Tinder says we’d make beautiful children.”
  • “Sit on my face!”

There were also poignant and important questions asked such as “How much work do I have to put in to have sex with you?” and “Spit or swallow?”

I kind of feel bad for girls on Tinder.