This Girl Did Some Salad Tossing In A Bathroom Because She Lost A Bet, Then These Guys Wound Up In Jail

A few weeks ago news broke that a 19-year-old woman from Baton Rouge who was seeking a job at a bar near LSU had filed a police report after she discovered (on social media) a video of herself tossing salad in a bathroom. Then news broke that two men were arrested and charged with ‘Video Voyeurism’. How we got from Point A to Point B was a bit of a mystery for quite some time, but new information has shed light on this peculiar case of Video Voyeurism and bar bathroom salad tossing down in Louisiana. So if reading about bizarre crimes is something you’re into, stick with me and we’ll sort of the details of this starfish licking adventure together.

It all started back in June, when the 19-year-old entered JL’s bar in the vicinity of Louisiana State University (LSU) looking for a job. According to, Juan Tabora, 28, told the 19-year-old victim that if she could bring 20 or more people into the bar that night then she could have a job, but that if she failed to bring in 20 or more people into the bar that night then she would have to toss the salad of Juan Tabora’s friend Nicholas Gandolfo, 20, in the bathroom. So to recap: if she gets 20 people in the bar her tongue does not touch butt and she gets a job at JL’s bar, if she doesn’t get 20 people in the bar her tongue touches the butt of Nicholas Gandolfo, who is Juan Tabora’s friend.

So flash forward to the time that the 19-year-old victim is supposed to have 20 people in the bar…she shows up, the bar’s close, and there are only 4 people inside. She then actually agrees to fulfill her end of the bargain and toss Nicholas Gandolfo’s salad in the bathroom of JL’s bar. Upon completion of Salad Tossing A Juan Tabora argued with the 19-year-old victim that he didn’t believe her, that there was no way she actually tossed Nicholas Gandolfo’s salad. So to prove Tabora wrong the 19-year-old victim and Nicholas Gandolfo went back into the bathroom for Salad Tossing B, and this is when laws were broken. During Salad Tossing B Juan Tabora popped open his cell and filmed the 19-year-old victim tossing salad, which was not part of the original bet.

At some point after Salad Tossing B Tabora and Gandolfo (or someone with access to their phones) shared the salad tossing video on social media, and the video began to spread around so quickly that the 19-year-old victim actually saw it herself on social media. This is when she went to police, filed a report, and charges were brought against Nicholas Gandolfo and Juan Tabora. Each man was charged with one count of Video Voyeurism and booked into Louisiana’s EBR Parish Prison.

According to the laws of Louisiana this is what the two men are facing (in terms of sentencing):

B.(1) Except as provided in Paragraphs (3) and (4) of this Subsection, whoever commits the crime of video voyeurism shall, upon a first conviction thereof, be fined not more than two thousand dollars or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than two years, or both.

And thus concludes the bizarre story of the salad tossing video voyeurism crime in Louisiana. I would’ve brought this story to you all sooner, but when we all first heard about this case it was from some reader telling us about the video circulating, and we deemed that video too graphic to be shared on the site. This morning I came across this screenshot of an article:

And that led me to the complete story of the crime, and I felt that even without the video it was newsworthy enough to share with you all here today, because it’s one of the strangest cases I’ve ever read about.

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