Awesome Prank Perfectly Shows How Girls Are Shallow Like Guys

When we last left prankster Vitaly he was doing a social experiment to show the aphrodisiac of the perception of having money and a fly ride. Now he sets his sights on demonstrating how women are just as superficial as men and how they want an attractive mate. Women are always boasting on how they don’t care about looks and how they care more about a guy’s character. Bullshit. Ladies don’t want an ugly guy just like guys don’t want an ugly chick. In this prank Vitaly approaches a hot girl handing out flyers, but he purposely gives himself some awful acne. The chick totally blocks his advances and even gives him the old “I’ve got a boyfriend” routine. However later that day Vitaly returns to hit on the girl, but this time sans the horrible acne. And this time the girl has no boyfriend and gladly gives him her phone number. So ladies please don’t pretend that you’re not dogs like us guys and looks really do matter.

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