Volunteer Firefighters Accused Of Calling In Numerous False Alarms For A Very Valid Reason

Kramer Firefighter


Men and women join the fire department for two reasons — to save lives and feel the adrenaline rush that accompanies the act of fighting a fire. But in a town as small as Altoon, PA, the thrills are few and far between. So a couple of volunteer firemen decided to create their own thrills.

Earlier this year, police investigated a rash of false alarms called into the Logan Township Volunteer Fire Department. After some mighty fine police work, Lou, the false alarms were traced back to four volunteer firefighters. The men allegedly called in five fake fires just for “the thrill of riding in the fire trucks.”

While I’ve never taken a cruise in a firetruck before, I can imagine the thrill being sensational. I’m not sure it’s exciting enough to get arrested over though.

The department has suspended those men and police have charged them with making the false alarms. The local PD believes the men are responsible only for the five alarms, but they say even one is too many.

[via US News]