Bro Quit His Job, Bought A Boat, And Sailed From Washington To Patagonia. These Pics Will Change Your Life

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Every now and then a story comes along at the right time and it stops you in your tracks. That story’s a wake up call that your life is in a rut, and you’re in dire need of an adventure. Every bro has a little wanderlust in him, some more so than others. This story of a dude who quit his job, sold everything he owned to buy a boat and sail it from Washington to Chilean Patagonia is about to unlock that wanderlust from within and make you take a good hard look at your life.

My buddy Kyle just IM’d me this post from Imgur. It chronicles the travels of Dwyer C. Haney, who goes by Captain Dwayne. At the age of 25 Dwyer quit his job, sold/donated everything he owned, and sailed a boat from Bellingham, Washington down the Pacific Coast all the way to Puerto Montt, Chile. He’s got a full blog over on, but he put together a post on Imgur that’s a brief overview of his adventure.

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